Advanced Data Technology, Inc. was founded in 1988. We started out supporting Texas Instruments Mainframe computers and printers, and providing software support to our clients.

In the early nineties we migrated a few clients to Unix and provided support for the OS into the 2000s.

With the advent of personal computer networking, we began supporting Novel networks and moving our client base to PCs. We made the move to Windows networks shortly after its introduction and now provide management solutions exclusively to Windows and Windows Server networks.

We partnered with HP and supplied HP Servers, Workstations, PC and printers. HP recently split into two companies; HP and HPE. We are partnered with HPE to supply Servers, Workstations and PC.

We support all computers running Windows Server and Windows desktop operating systems. However we do recommend HPE equipment due to their quality and the outstanding support and backing of HPE of their products.